NLM at the Higher school of Economics (HSE) and at the "Language and Brain" Center in Moscow (November 2023)

In collaboration with the CIFRAN neuroeducation center, Le Quartier francophone organized demonstration classes using the neurolinguistic method (NLA) at the Higher Economic University (HSE) for students, teachers and deans of the French and Russian foreign language faculties.
A week of daily classes was also offered by scientists from the Language and Brain Center specializing in psycho and neurolinguistic research, as well as two trial courses for the general public.

The aim of the event was to raise awareness in the Moscow academic and scientific community of the effectiveness of the approach we are using promoting.

Demonstrations at HSE

The first demonstration, conducted by Olivier Massé, trainer at the CIFRAN neuroeducation center, consisted of a reading session with 4th year French students.

The second demonstration was conducted by Gabriel Demiaux, Director of the Francophone Quarter, with an oral session with first year French language students.

The next two sessions were attended by non-French-speaking teachers of Russian as a foreign language, with one session focusing on oral reading and writing and the other on oral reading only.

Sessions at the "Language and Brain" center

Researchers of the center had the opportunity to learn about different aspects of this approach during the 4 hour sessions they were offered.
This was followed by a survey to gather their impressions.

trial sessions for the general public

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