NLA training at Moscow University of Science and Technology (MISIS), September 2023

From September 18 to 22, 2023, the Quartier francophone and the CIFRAN neuroeducation center organized a training session on the linguistic approach at Moscow’s MISIS University of Science and Technology.
This was an opportunity to introduce 6 new teachers to this methodology, which always surprises both teachers and learners with its effectiveness and the jovial classroom atmosphere it creates.

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After the four days of intensive lessons, I've had very pleasant impressions: the lessons are fun, effective (they help me get into conversation quickly and improve my pronunciation), and the subjects are useful and topical. The methodology is common, there are several teachers, which makes it possible to understand one's preferences in terms of rhythm and style of communication. Very useful!
"I attended a four-day intensive course at Quartier Francophone, and I must say it was one of the coolest language learning experiences (of course, it won't replace conversations in Paris over a glass of wine, but everything happens in Moscow)! The teachers are professional and inspiring. Honestly, it's even hard to call these lessons, as there is no unnecessary pedagogical rigidity. In four days and 12 hours (actually even more), we managed to cover a bunch of topics, work with new vocabulary, organize interactive games, analyze texts, and write short essays. I think it's an excellent format, and I highly recommend this school to anyone looking to improve their foreign language skills effectively and interestingly."
"I attended a four-day intensive French course. For me, it was an interesting experience learning a language based on the principles of neurolinguistic approach. Each lesson focused on different skills, but they shared a common goal: encouraging French learners to speak as much as possible, emphasizing pronunciation and correct sentence construction. After three hours or more of class, I felt the urge to think, reflect, and speak only in French - 🙂 Moreover, communicating with native speakers allowed practicing the language in various situations, from simple everyday conversations to more serious topics (for example, environmental protection). I would especially like to emphasize the atmosphere that developed within the group during the classes. It can be described in a single French word: convivial!"
My sincerest thanks to Gabriel and Olivier for this week of authentic French. The excellent teaching technique, somewhat aggressive but very effective, was the key to my quickly getting back to my usual French and not just listening silently. Thank you so much!
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